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A Reflection of Me…

by Naiviv

Seeing the world is a vital aspect of growing as a person. It helps us have a more holistic perspective on the world, aids in letting go of any harmful preconceptions we may be harboring, and equips us to build meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. Furthermore, the experiences we have when traveling frequently allow us to witness unfiltered reflections of ourselves. However, not everyone views travel as a time to reflect on oneself inwardly.

My pursuit of a more profound understanding of life’s purpose is something I do daily. As I stand facing the mirror of this travel abroad experience, I recall as a child standing at the bathroom door and watching the tears flow from my knee-baby (i.e., the middle child) sister’s eyes. She had been bullied at school because of her physique. As my sister covered her face with her hands and wept, our father took her hands from her face and said, “Look.” Daddy then asked, “What do you see”? Still crying uncontrollably, my knee-baby sister described how she saw herself while standing and looking in the mirror. Daddy being the man he is, chuckled and said, “Child, you know what I see?” My knee-baby sister shook her head and replied, “No, Sir.” Our father replied, “Well, let me tell you what I see. I see A Reflection of Me.” Daddy, ever so caring and lovingly, explained to my sister that one who was fearfully and wonderfully made stood before that mirror. Talent, intellect, and loving-kindness were what made her glow. Again, with a chuckle, my father exclaimed, “Oh, yes, my child, A Reflection of Me is what I see.”

Beloved, as we go forth on this journey, we will meet those to whom the trueness and essence of life have not been revealed. Moreover, there will be those who are blinded by evil and hatred. Thus, they can’t see life’s beauty revealed within us.

Nonetheless, all that matters is that when we stand facing the mirror of our journey, “A Reflection of Me” is that of our Heavenly Father…A reflection of love and joy. A reflection of wisdom and peace. A reflection of sustaining hope and grace abound is who we are to be.

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